The Intricate Prints and Paper Cuts of Michelle Collier

Michelle Collier is an illustrator, printmaker and paper cutter inspired by folk art, stories and traditional tattooing. Her work ranges from vivid, bold prints to delicately intricate hand-cut paper art. She juggles her creative work with working part-time, honing her skills and developing her business. This week I asked her how she balances her day …

How to Make an Art Studio With Little Space

If there is one thing an artist needs, it's space. Space to keep materials, to lay out paints and papers, and to find inspiration. Lack of space is one of the biggest problems that get in the way of people making art. If you want to make art and creativity a part of your daily life, then you need to make space for it. Here are some of my favourite ways to carve out an art space at home.

Six Ways To Support Your Fellow Creatives

Developing friendships with your fellow creatives is one of the most important things you can do. Not only will you meet brilliant, likeminded people, but you will receive the support to enhance your work while developing a sense of community in the creative world. Encouraging appreciation of artistic, handmade and creative work starts at home. Creatives …

Artist Interview: Illustrated Stationary Designs by Jenna Russell-Smith

Jenna Russel-Smith is a self-employed artist illustrator and stationary designer. Painting with ink and watercolour, her style is fluid, lively and playful. Alongside caring for two pre-schoolers she runs a freelance business, selling on Etsy and via her website. I spoke with Jenna to find out about her work, how she learnt to paint, and the challenges of …

What I’m Reading: ‘Virginia Woolf’ by Alexandra Harris

‘Hers was a life lived with intensity from moment to moment and shaped into the lasting patterns of art.’ Alexandra Harris's 'Virginia Woolf' is the tale of a young woman armed with a notebook determined to become one of the greatest writers of all time. She was defiant of convention and strong despite suffering with mental illness for most of her life.