Artist Interview: Illustrated Stationary Designs by Jenna Russell-Smith

Jenna Russel-Smith is a self-employed artist illustrator and stationary designer. Painting with ink and watercolour, her style is fluid, lively and playful. Alongside caring for two pre-schoolers she runs a freelance business, selling on Etsy and via her website. I spoke with Jenna to find out about her work, how she learnt to paint, and the challenges of …

What I’m Reading: ‘Virginia Woolf’ by Alexandra Harris

‘Hers was a life lived with intensity from moment to moment and shaped into the lasting patterns of art.’ Alexandra Harris's 'Virginia Woolf' is the tale of a young woman armed with a notebook determined to become one of the greatest writers of all time. She was defiant of convention and strong despite suffering with mental illness for most of her life.